Episode 255

Removing Obstacles to Clinical Trial Access with Scott Gray

Published on: 13th November, 2023

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Episode Overview: 

During this episode, we spend time with Scott Gray, CEO of Clincierge, pioneering concierge-level support services to enhance clinical trials. 

Bringing extensive experience in pharmaceutical events, Scott is driven to remove obstacles patients face in accessing potentially life-changing trials. 

While together, Scott shares how Clincierge manages logistics and finances so patients can focus on treatment and why his team is so passionate in building trust and customized care by aligning coordinators directly with participants throughout lengthy trial regimens. 

Additionally, we discuss innovations enabling continuation of research and patient safety amidst the pandemic's disruption. 

Join us as Scott advocates for considering the immense value of improving trial experiences to speed novel therapies to market and how his team at Clinciege is doing exactly this! Let’s go! 

Episode Highlights:

  • Scott brings pharmaceutical events expertise to transform clinical trial experiences.
  • Clincierge manages logistics and finances so patients can focus on treatment.
  • Custom care and trust stem from aligned coordinators supporting patients.
  • Scott drove creative solutions enabling trials to continue safely despite COVID.
  • Scott exemplifies the immense value of improving experiences to progress faster.

About our Guest: 

Scott Gray is the co-founder and CEO of Clincierge, a provider of patient support services for clinical trials. Since 2015, Clincierge patient coordinators have managed logistics and reimbursements in more than 300 clinical trials worldwide.

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