Episode 265

Expanding Clinical Education to Develop Healthcare’s Workforce with Kyle Swinsky

Published on: 26th February, 2024

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Episode Overview: 

How can we expand clinical education to develop the healthcare workforce we desperately need?

According to our next guest, Kyle Swinsky, co-founder and CEO of AMOpportunities, it starts by equipping universities and healthcare providers with scalable infrastructure.

Drawing from a passion to increase opportunities for international medical trainees, Kyle built a workforce solution that matches students to hands-on rotations while supporting host sites through technology and services.

While together, we explore AMO's mission to address bottlenecks preventing schools from graduating qualified healthcare professionals and Kyle reveals how his company augments limited teaching capacity, facilitates ideal student-site relationships, and drives strategic growth into allied health fields.

Join us to hear how Kyle and the AMO team is successfully expanding clinical education to develop healthcare’s workforce! Let’s go! 

Episode Highlights:

  • AMO bridges clinical education gaps by matching students to hands-on training opportunities
  • Their platform and services augment limited teaching capacity at hospitals/clinics
  • Students get experience where they want while sites gain pipeline of future workforce
  • AMO has helped over 5,500 trainees secure rotations to advance their careers
  • Strategic growth planned for nursing, PA, rehab therapy, and other allied health fields

About our Guest: 

Kyle Swinsky is the co-founder and CEO of AMOpportunities, a Chicago-based company that helps international medical students and graduates secure U.S. rotations and supports hospitals and schools in managing trainees through high-quality services and software solutions.

In 2013, Kyle, along with co-founder and COO Ben Bradley, launched AMOpportunities to make U.S. clinical experiences accessible to medical trainees around the world. Since 2013, AMO has tripled in size, raised $8.9 million in funding, won the President’s “E” Award for Exports and PIEoneer of the Year, and helped more than 3,600 trainees rotate in the U.S. The company counts Kaplan Medical and AMSA as partners as well as institutions such as University of Miami, Chicago Medicine, MedStar Georgetown University Hospital, and Florida International University.

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