Episode 247

Advancing Care for Chronic Eye Diseases with Dr. Clark Chang

Published on: 28th August, 2023

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Episode Overview: 

During this episode, we sit down with Dr. Clark Chang, Director of Global Medical Affairs at Glaukos, a pioneer in micro-invasive glaucoma surgeries. 

Motivated by enriching patient lives, Dr. Chang brings a clinician's perspective to advancing care for chronic eye diseases like keratoconus. 

While together, Dr. Chang shares insights into Glaukos' corneal cross-linking procedure, iLink, which halts disease progression and how this strengthens the cornea, allowing for visual optimization with specialty lenses. 

We also discuss the overwhelmingly positive patient feedback and Glaukos' mission of developing novel therapies. 

Tune in as Dr. Chang outlines key priorities like improving diagnosis and education to ensure patients receive timely, effective treatment. Join us to gain inspiration from his dedication to elevating patient’s quality of life through persistence and collaboration. Let’s go! 

Episode Highlights:

  • Clark's clinical background motivates him to pursue upstream solutions for complex eye diseases.
  • Glaukos' iLink cross-linking procedure halts keratoconus progression by strengthening the cornea.
  • Overwhelmingly positive patient feedback shows the impact on quality of life.
  • Priority areas are improving diagnosis and education around eye disease.
  • Clark exemplifies persistence and commitment to elevating patient care through collaboration.

About our Guest: 

Clark Chang, OD, MSA serves as the director of global medical affairs at Glaukos.  

He pursued both Doctor of Optometry and Master of Science degrees in Low Vision Rehabilitation. After the completion, Dr. Chang undertook additional residency training in the area of primary care to augment his knowledge in the management of ocular pathologies. Dr. Chang’s residency training culminated his interest in the cornea and contact lenses, which led to the completion of his fellowship in Cornea and Contact Lens at The Cornea and Laser Eye Institute.

In addition, he has been involved in many clinical studies, during both his residency and fellowship. Dr. Chang lectures both nationally and internationally. 

 At the Cornea and Laser Eye Institute and its Center for Keratoconus, Dr. Chang concentrated on providing preoperative and postoperative care for refractive surgery patients and participants in onsite clinical trials. 

He also specializes in designing specialty contact lenses for optical rehabilitation in patients with various corneal conditions including keratoconus, ectasia, post-intacs, post-collagen cross-linking, post-corneal transplantation, and post-ocular trauma.

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